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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Video Shows NBC's Richard Engel And Crew Held By Assad Loyalists

Shortly before reports of Richard Engel escape from his Syrian captors made it to the press a video was posted online, with the title "صحفيين كلاب في المصيدة", roughly Google Translated as "Journalists dogs in the trap", to this Youtube channel.  The video was swiftly deleted by Youtube for violating it's terms of use, but Twitter user Guardian_Mario, who has been cataloging interesting videos from Syria, managed to download a copy and reuploaded it to his own account

Unlike virtually every Youtube account that reuploads videos from Syrian Guardian Mario carefully records the original information that comes along with the original upload, and helpfully provides further information
Video shows the NBC crew before their release. In the clip the six-man crew -- a German, two Britons, two Americans and a Turk -- plead with their respective governments to help secure their freedom. Speaking to a script prepared by his captors, NBC's Richard Engel said:

"My name is Richard Engel, I'm a correspondent with NBC News. I would like to urged the United States government to do what it can to secure our release and to cease its activities in Syria."

The graffiti on the right wall has a Shia slogan. It says "There is no chivalrous man except 'Ali [a figure revered in Shiaism], and there is no sword except Dhu l-Fiqar ['Ali's mythical sword]."
Graffiti on the left wall is a well-known pro-Assad slogan, and reads: "Assad, or we burn the whole country!"
Guardian Mario also puts together handy panoramas stitched together from video stills, as he's done for the Richard Engel and crew video

Fortunately for Engel and his crew they were successfully rescued by Syrian opposition fighters, who posted their own video

And thanks to Guardian Mario for this panorama of the above video

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