Monday 27 August 2012

Helicopter Downed In Damascus - Collected Videos And Images

As reported by the BBC and other news organisations the Free Syrian Army claim to have shot down a helicopter in the Damascus district of Al Qabun that had been firing on the district of Jobar

A number of people have sent me additional images and videos from the incident, so thanks to @DamascusTribune, @septimius_sever, and @troublejee for the following images.

@HebahAlhomsi posted two images showing the helicopter as it was crashing, and debris from the helicopter

She also posted this very graphic image of the remains of one of the pilot.

This video shows helicopter engulfed in flames just before it crashes

Another angle of the helicopter dropping out of the sky

And another

And another showing it crashing among buildings

This video shows the wreckage of the helicopter

Thanks to @troublejee for the above videos, as well as this photograph which he says activist claim to be the man who shot down the helicopter, using a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun, also mentioned by @HebahAlhomsi

Update August 27th Here's another video via @zilal1

The Coordinating free Qaboun Youtube channel is posting multiple videos from the incident in addition to the ones already posted above.

GRAPHIC - The hand of one of the pilots of the helicopter

Two shots of the burning helicopter

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