Saturday 24 November 2012

Videos Show More Heavy Weapons Captured From The 46th Regiment

Early on this week I posted about some of the equipment captured from the 46th Regiment base near Aleppo after an attack by the Syrian opposition, including videos of T-55 tanks, Type-63 rockets launchers, SA-7 and SA-16 surface to air missiles, and various artillery pieces.  Two new videos have now been posted showing more equipment looted from the base.  This first lengthy video provides us with a tour of the 46th Regiment base

At 3:26 we see two T-55 tanks, one of which we see later loaded onto a truck, ready to be transported out of the base.  We also see plenty of abandoned trucks, as well as the same BTR-60 I highlighted in this earlier video.

Away from the 46th Regiment base we have this selection of heavy weapons reportedly captured from the base

It begins with a T-55 tank, then shows a D-30 howizter, followed by a 130 mm M-46 field artillery gun, and a second D-30 howitzer.  The D-30 howitzer has an effective range of 15.4km, 21.9km with a rocket assisted projectile; and the M-46 field artillery has a range of between 27.5km to 38km with a rocket assisted projectile.  Compared to the range of the Syrian opposition most recently used long range weapon, the Type-63 multiple rocket launcher with a 8.05km range, it's clear this would be a significant improvement in the range of heavy weapons used by the Syrian opposition.  The question is whether or not the Syrian opposition has members who can use these weapons accurately and effectively.

We might see these weapons making an appearance soon at another key battle being fought at the Sheikh Suleiman army base, 15km north of the 46th Regiment base.  Covering around 200 hectares of rocky hills 25km west of Aleppo the Syrian opposition claims "The day Sheikh Suleiman falls, all of western Aleppo will finally be liberated. Give it 45 days and Aleppo city will fall too", and with the 46th Regiment base captured after a lengthy siege freeing up it's attackers to join the battle at Sheikh Suleiman with their freshly acquired heavy weapons it seems as if this may not be an idle boast.

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  1. @ 3:31 in the 1st video there is a very interesting looking device mounted over the mantlet (where the barrel meets the turret) of the tank. I would guess that it is some sort of sighting or ranging device, but I'm not sure.