Thursday 10 January 2013

Unique Footage Of A Thermobaric Bomb Dropped Over Syria

The following footage, reportedly taken from a Syrian Air Force pilot, shows unique images of a thermobaric bomb dropped from a Mil Mi-24/Hind helicopter over Syria

We can identify the exact type of bomb from this brief view of the entire bomb

Take note of the tail fins and overall shape, which matches to the ODAB 500-PMV, shown below

Not to be confused with the very similar ODAB 500-PM

We can also identify the location the bomb was dropped by comparing the roads and structures on the ground to satellite images on Google Maps.  This image, taken from the video and rotated 90 degrees, gives use the clearest match

Here we can see the exact location on Google Maps

View Larger Map

This location is 2km east of Aleppo International Airport, with the location to the north being a military base, with the bomb being dropped just south of a factory on the south of the above map, near what appears to be an artificial waterway.

As far as I'm aware this is the first clear evidence of ODAB bombs being dropped by helicopters in Syria, and also demonstrates how close the fighting is to Aleppo International Airport.

Update January 10th Thank to Guardian_Mario for putting together this image from separate frames of the video giving us a much better view of the area

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  1. I believe this is thermobaric:

    1. Thanks, if you watch that video frame by frame it looks like either the parachute hasn't deployed correctly, or it's another munition type. Could just be the frame blurring though.