Friday 12 April 2013

A New Scud-Type Warhead Appears Across Syria

On February 26th of this year the following video from Aleppo was posted on Youtube

What this appears to be is a cargo warhead for a large rocket or missile, designed to carry a payload such as cluster bomblets.  Since then the same type of warhead has appeared at a number of locations across Syria, with the following video being a clear example from Aahal, Mayadeen, Deir Ez Zor

Other examples have appeared elsewhere in Deir Ez Zor, including the recently captured city of Raqqa on March 26th.

The problem is, I cannot pin down the exact type of warhead this is, or the system it's used on.  Some people have suggested it might be from a 9K79 Tochka/OTR-21 tactical ballistic missile, which can use a cargo warhead, but I've been unable to find solid evidence to support that.  I'm certain this is from a large surface-to-surface missile or rocket, and almost 100% sure it's a cargo warhead, but frustratingly I've been unable to find a perfect match.  If anyone has a good idea of what this is (or even better, reference images), please feel free to comment below or send me an email.

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  1. Here are some photos of a cross-sectional 9K79K Tochka missile from Artillery museum in St.Petersburg:

    IMO they don't quite match with the missile captured on the videos.

    The nosecone from the videos looks like Fateh-110/M-600 to me:

    1. Thanks, that's really excellent information, and fantastic reference images.

  2. Not real sure, but North Korea is known to have sold allot of Scuds to Syria, mainly the Hwasong 7. It's apparently capable of carrying a submunition warhead, but I unfortunately have been unable to find a picture of what this looks like. Any pic coming out of the DPRK is quite rare after all.

    Here's a link:

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  4. not sure if it's the same missile in this video.