Friday 17 May 2013

Abu Sakkar's Statement To The Media With Translation

It's been pretty much impossible to miss the coverage of Abu Sakkar, a Syrian opposition member filmed mutilating a corpse before chewing on an organ, and today he's put out a statement for the media

Thanks to @ghettonawari and @markantony_sy for the following translation
He is praying at first. Making supplications for different things (health, people, etc). From the outskirts of Homs we have Abu Sukkar:

- Do you have regret for what you have done, killing the Assad's shabeeh (militant)and mutilating his body?
-I am of one of the people of Syria, and the people of Syria are a part of the world. I am willing to face trial for my actions if Bashar and his thugs stand trial for their atrocities. My Message to the world, IF the blood in Syria doesn't stop, all of Syria will become like me.
- What motivated you to mutilate the shabeeh's body?
- Their cell phones contain videos showing how they raped women, killed kids, burned the bodies, cut off a man's arm while alive, tortured another man then slaughtering him. Every free Syrian won't b able to control himself while watching these atrocities.
-Will you stop fighting after the outrage at your last video?
- I will fight to the death, Victory or Death.
Alleged Shabiha Tried And Executed In Aleppo
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  1. If he was fighting for the side the West has described as "evil" we would not bother to listen to his explanations. Why is this? What drives this bias?

    1. Because this is a first.
      Unless you want to hear a shabih "explaining" why they slaughter children with butchering knives.

  2. Seen in Al Qusayr this week. He's fighting against the Hezbollah.

  3. What i find strange is where has this mobile phone with the videos off all these crimes gone?

    Surely these guys who post videos every other day would not have missed such an excellent propaganda piece? You had news stations having to fake massacre scenes and here you had the real deal and threw it away?!

    There is no justification for this animals actions, a true Muslim is as such in the Mosque as he is in the battlefield.