Thursday 6 June 2013

The Seventh Cluster Submunition Of The Syrian Conflict Arrives

Earlier this week I wrote about the appearance of a sixth cluster submunition in the conflict, the PTAB 2.5KO, and it now appears this has been joined by a new cluster submunition, pictured below (thanks to ali othman)

These photographs were reportedly taken in Harbnafeh, Hama, and show AO-2.5RT cluster submunitions, with very clear markings, showing they were manufactured in 1983.  These types of cluster submunitions can be both dropped inside RBK series cluster bombs, as with the PTAB 2.5m or AO-1Sch types, or inside a KMGU/KMGU-2 container, like the recently spotted PTAB 2.5KO bomblets.

Thanks to Nic Jenzen-Jones for help with this post.

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