Friday 30 August 2013

Photographs Showing Measurements Of The Munition Linked To Alleged Chemical Attacks

I've just been sent a series of high resolution photographs showing the munition linked to the alleged chemical attacks in Damascus.  These images are the first ones where measurements have been taken, and all can be freely used by anyone, be they newspapers, TV stations, bloggers, or government agencies.  These images and more can be found here.  If you have any pieces of the munition you'd like photographed and measured please let me know, and I'll try to arrange it.

One interesting thing to note it the tail fin is the right width to fit the Iranian 333mm Falaq-2 rocket launcher, which would match which what Nic Jenzen-Jones discussed on his blog yesterday.

For more details on these munitions head to Collected Media Of Munitions Linked To Alleged Chemical Attacks In Syria.

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  1. Hey, Moses, did you actually get those guys to send you the photos? Notice the protruding, slightly darker piece on what's left of the warhead plugging one of the holes? I wonder if you could get some close up photos of that? They could help identify the filling of the warhead.

  2. In case people don't tell you day and night, thanks for doing a truly amazing job. One day, when all this is over, hopefully you will get to travel to the middle east and visit Free Syria. We are all in your debt forever!