Wednesday 28 March 2012

Links between Ray Adams and others involved with the phone hacking scandal

After the allegations made in Panorama's Murdoch's Pirates an eagle eyed Something Awful forum member Daveman23 noted some interesting links between various individuals involved with groups and individuals mentioned in the Panorama documentry, including Ray Adams, former head of security of the Murdoch subsidiary NDS, that’s well worth a read:

That would be former Scotland Yard commander Ray Adams (and Head of Criminal Intelligence - organised crime basically) working for NDS as Head of Security. That's the same Ray Adams who is accused of interfering with the Stephen Lawrence inquiry and investigated for misconduct over his links with drug dealer, murderer and police informant Kenneth Noye and his associate Clifford Norris, father of David Norris (now in jail for Stephen Lawrence's murder). The report into corruption relating to Mr Adams was withheld from the Macpherson report into the murder.

Also the same Ray Adams whose friend DC Alan "Taffy" Holmes shot himself in 1987 whilst Ray was being investigated by a police corruption inquiry. DC Holmes was the policeman working with murdered private detective Daniel Morgan on a whistleblowing case against corruption in the Met (allegations from Gillard and Flynn's "The Untouchables"). Daniel Morgan's murder inquiry in 1987 also seems to have suffered from NI "interest", involving the surveillance of the wife of the chief investigating officer.

Daniel Morgan's business partner, Jonathan Rees, was acquitted of Mr Morgan's murder in 2011 alongside the Vian brothers and James Cook. Another police officer, Sid Fillery, was arrested at the time but later released. Mr Fillery went to take over Mr Morgan's job at Southern Investigations. Mr Fillery also had charges of perverting the course of justice dropped but was later convicted on 15 counts of making indecent images of children.

Mr Rees was being paid by News International to the tune of around £150,000 a year and shared a business address with former senior NI executive (and Northern Ireland editor) Alex Marunchak. Mr Marunchak also likes hackers as he paid one to crack Ian Hurst's (alias Martin Ingram) home PC. Mr Rees also established the firm Abbeycover, at the same address as Southern Investigations, with the former news editor of the News of the World, Greg Wiskiw.

The same names, every time.
It makes you ask if there's more connections between individuals involved in various aspects of News Corp's operations.

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