Tuesday 10 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 10th 2012

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Unknown location and date - A tank driving over confiscated motorbikes

April 9th 2012 - Street lights exploding after shelling

April 10th 2012 - Khaled Abu Salah Responds to Assad's "Complete Commitment" to the Annan Intiative, Homs, English subtitles

April 10th 2012 - Cease-Fire Deadline Arrives in Syria, Activists Respond to Continued Shelling, English subtitles

April 10th 2012 - FSA helping families escape in Arabain neighbourhood in Hama

April 10th 2012 - Tanks inside Douma

April 10th 2012 - English language tour of destruction in Taftanaz, Idlib

April 10th 2012 - Smoke rises from Mare, Aleppo

April 10th 2012 - Rockets being fired at Khaldiyeh, Homs

April 10th 2012 - Tank firing at a building at close range in Qarabees, Homs

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