Wednesday 30 May 2012

Andy Coulson's Schadenfreude

From Vim on the Something Awful forums:

I now remember reading a story in The Sun many years ago the day or so after Hugh Grant's arrest for solicitation. It was in the showbiz page (Bizarre?), which was then being edited by Andy Coulson.

Basically, The Sun went to town tearing Grant apart, their vendetta seemingly stemming from a (then) recent occasion at a film premier/showbiz event when Grant was asked for a quote by a reporter from The Sun (in fact, it could well have been Coulson himself). Grant apparently said "The Sun? I don't think so" before 'swanning off' with Liz Hurley.

And Coulson wrote in the showbiz page that when news broke of Grant's arrest, he (Coulson) did a little dance in the Sun's office, crying out "There is a God!".

Tonight, I hope Hugh Grant affords himself a little smile and thinks "There is a God"
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