Tuesday 26 June 2012

25 Highly Recommended Hackgate Twitter Accounts

Following on from my earlier post covering my highly recommended Arab Spring Twitter accounts I've put together this list covering 25 highly recommended Twitter accounts covering the UK phone hacking scandal and related events and issues.

Alastair Morgan - Brother of the murdered private investigator Daniel Morgan and part of the Justice for Daniel campaign.
Justice for Daniel - The Twitter account for the Justice for Daniel campaign.
News Alliance - Campaigning for media reform.
Natalie Peck - Web reporter for the Hacked Off campaign.
Hacked Off - Twitter account for the Hacked Off campaign
Rosie R. - Press reform campaigner focused on press reform, good source of news missed by the mainstream media.
MMnewsfeedAU - Campaigner focusing on Murdoch related press reform in Australia.
Journalists and bloggers 
Josh Halliday - Media and technology reporter for the Guardian.
Ben Fenton - The hackgate watcher for the Financial Times.
Martin Brunt - Sky News Crime Correspondent, good source of breaking news about hacking arrests.
Sean O'Neill - Crime Editor of The Times, another good source of breaking news about hacking arrests.
Dan Sabbagh - Head of Guardian media and technology, watching the Leveson Inquiry very closely and a good source of information in general.
Ross Hawkins - BBC political correspondent watching Leveson.

Keir Simmons - UK Editor for ITV News and another good source of breaking news.
Lisa O'Carroll - Freelance Guardian journalist, following the Leveson Inquiry and wider phone hacking scandal.
Guido Fawkes - Political blogger occasionally casting an eye over the phone hacking scandal and Leveson.
Political Scrapbook - Left wing political blog also with an eye on the phone hacking scandal and Leveson.
David Allen Green - AKA Jack of Kent, keeping an legal eye on the Leveson Inquiry and hacking scandal.
Alan Rusbridger - Editor of the Guardian
Nick Davies - The Guardian journalist most responsible for breaking the phone hacking scandal.
Tom Watson MP - The MP who has had more to do with exposing the phone hacking scandal than anyone else.
Chris Bryant MP - Another Labour MP with an eye on the phone hacking scandal and Leveson Inquiry.
Steven Nott - Leveson Inquiry witness with lots of interesting things to say about Piers Morgan and Trinity Mirror.
A Twitter list of the above accounts can be found here. 
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  1. thank you very much for this really important guide to people fighting for #justice