Friday 8 June 2012

Apple's iCloud – Fighting iCrime

At one time or another modern technology has defeated us all, but now Apple's iCloud has shown it's one of the most wily of foes.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with iCloud it’s a system where separate Apple devices can share files, such as photographs, music, video, etc, without needing to be connected to each other.  For example, you take some photographs with your iPhone and they automatically upload to your iCloud allowing you to access them from your home computer.
One young man from Brandon, Florida, was a proud owner of several Apple devices, and took full advantage of the iCloud system, but one day he returned home to find his empty home had been broken into, with over $1000 of goods stolen, along with his Apple iPad
The alleged thieves took their booty home, and began to use the iPad as their own, taking photographs of themselves:
And big piles of meth pipes:

All of which were handily uploaded to iCloud, and appeared on the victims home computer.  The photographs have now been passed onto the police, who probably had a good idea of who would have a big pile of meth pipes in the area, and have already visited one of the individuals in the photographs, who are of course innocent until proven guilty.
So it seems the moral of this story is if you are going to rob people of their high end electrical goods make sure you buy a subscription to Wired first.
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