Sunday 26 May 2013

Another New Cluster Munition Recorded In Syria

Since the conflict in Syria began five different cluster munitions have been recorded, 4 of which are dropped in RBK series canisters, and one delivered by a 122mm Sakr rocket.  The following video posted a couple of days ago shows the sixth type of cluster munition being used in the conflict

We can see the submunition clearly here

This is a PTAB 2.5KO cluster bomblet, a clearer example of which can be see here

Unlike the cluster bomblets we've seen before the PTAB 2.5KO bomblets dispersed using KMGU/KMGU-2 containers mounted on the wings of jets, including jets in service with the Syrian Air Force. The bomblets are loaded into BFK blocks (seen here), which are loaded inside the KMGU/KMGU-2 containers, and are released in sequence at different selectable rates of fire.

The bomblets in the video appear to have been manufactured in 1983, according to the markings on the bomblet, and would be of Soviet origin.  Why these bomblets are being used at this point of the conflict is unclear, but this is now the sixth type used, and the 3rd delivery method used in the conflict so far.

Thanks to Nic Jenzen-Jones for help with this post.

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  1. So who was I shilling for when I helped expose the Saudis smuggling Croatian arms to the opposition? Just help me clarify that.

  2. Police in Turkey have arrested Al-Nusra Front members and seized 2kg of Sarin according to:

  3. Those aren't bomblets. They're lightsabers, which proves the Sith are in league with al-Qaeda, Assad and the New York Yankees