Friday 7 June 2013

Brown Moses Arabic And Brown Moses : The Hackgate Files Launches!

As many of you may already know over the past month since my Indiegogo fundraiser I've been working on raising funds to begin translating my Syria related blog posts into Arabic.

Thanks to a generous grant from Avaaz I'm now able to go ahead with Brown Moses Arabic, where I'll be posting professionally translated versions of my English language posts on a regular basis.  I've also created an Arabic only Twitter account @BrownMosesAR for those people who want to follow the Arabic blog without all my English language Tweets cluttering up their timeline.

You may have also noticed recently I've been making a lot of posts with full English translations of videos, which will now become a regular thing, hopefully giving more insight into the conflict.

I've also decided to start publishing my Hackgate related posts on a separate blog, as I felt they were often being lost among all my Syria related work, and my mysterious regular contributor puts together what I consider to be some of the most informative and detailed posts on the on-going Hackgate saga anywhere on the internet, so they deserve all the views they can get.  You can now view recent and new Hackgate related posts on the separate blog, Brown Moses - The Hackgate Files.

It's likely the blog will be a little quieter towards the end of June as I'll be flying out to Washington for blog related meetings, then off to the Tactical Technology Collective's Info Activism Camp in Italy where I hope to meet various individuals working in the fields of data, journalism, technology, design and advocacy from around the world to share ideas and discuss the issues that we encounter on a regular basis.

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