Monday 9 December 2013

3D Models Of Volcanoes And Their Launchers

Thanks to Chris Kabusk for sending me the following 3D models of Volcano rockets and their launchers.

IRAM Volcanoes (videos here)
UMLACA Volcanoes (videos here)
Detail on UMLACA Volcanoes
Volcano Launchers (videos here)
Volcano Launchers
Large Volcano Launcher (video here)

Test picture including Hell Cannon and ammo


  1. These are excellent! Great work! I don't think I need to restate how I always thought we needed better renders of the UMLACA.

    Is there any way we could get a blow up of the cross section in the last image?

    Also, I didn't realize that the term "volcano" applied to the IRAMs as well as the UMLACA.

    Was there ever a consensus reached as to whether the UMLACA had a nose cone or not?

    Can you explain the reason the rounds for the Hell Cannon are shown with multiple colors in the last image?

    I apologize for all the questions - I don't want to downplay what a good job the images are.

    1. Yes, it seems the term Volcano is used as a term for both the IRAMs and UMLACAs, which sort of makes sense when you think of the UMLACA as just a very big IRAM. Same principle really, a rocket with a large barrel of explosives on the end.

      Regarding the nose cose, they are certainly visible in some videos, and not in others, so I think the answer is both. I half suspect the larger type of UMLACA uses nose cones, which the smaller type doesn't, but that's a "not enough data" issue.

    2. I would respectfully suggest that a new post clarifying current typology on the Eskimo/UMLACA rocket would be useful at this juncture. The rocket body in the graphic (referenced again here in the last image in this post) from the Aug. 21 attacks ( is clearly half the length and diameter of the rocket in this post in Video #2 at I mean, just comparing to the men around it, the rocket in the single page in the single launcher has around a 600mm forward diameter, twice the 330mm diameter of the rocket debris found in the Aug. 21 attacks. It's huge! These are clearly two very different weapon systems that will have very different characteristics that just share a superficial design similarity. This in turn would mean, for instance, that proving a certain faction or unit had access to one type would not necessarily mean it had access to the other. Leaving it vague is just causing a lot of unnecessary confusion at this point.

  2. Noha207, don't worry about that last image. I was only toying around with Google's 3D Warehouse. See here:

  3. Also, The rounds for the Hell Cannon are shown with multiple colors in the last image. I spotted the red ones here:

    That's only one image I can find, I think.