Friday 7 March 2014

The Martyrs of Mheen Brigade Arrives In Qalamoun With A Large Supply Of Chinese Anti-Tank Weapons

The following video was uploaded to Youtube on March 6th by the Martyrs of Mheen Brigade

The video shows the Martyrs of Mheen Brigade unloading 13 covered tubes.  The markings on the boxes they are uploading from have been purposely and systematically obscured

The items are described at "Red Arrows" in the video, the name used for Chinese HJ-8 ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guide Missiles) , and it's possible to determine the exact model thanks to the coverings on the rockets

As per Ares Arms Research Services' earlier post on Chinese ATGMs in Syria, the letter "E" in a circle indicates these are HJ-8E models, the same type reportedly supplied by Qatar earlier in the conflict, which also had their markings obscured.

The earliest posts on the Martyrs of Mheen Facebook page suggests they have been active in the Qalamoun region since October 2013, and videos posted to another YouTube channel associated with the group show they have access to Croatian RAK-12 multiple rocket launchers, supplied to opposition groups aligned to the Free Syrian Army in early 2013 by Saudi Arabia, smuggled via Jordan into the south of Syria.

It's very interesting that the same group have access to the Croatian weapons provided by Saudi Arabia and these Chinese HJ-8E ATGMs, fresh supplies of which have been rumoured to have entered the south of the country in recent weeks.  Could the HJ-8Es in this new video be the first signs of large quantities of this new supply arriving in Syria?


  1. Somewhat amazingly (to me at least) the HJ-8E missile itself is based on the ancient British Swingfire design, but with a more modern target tracking system cloned from the Euromissile Milan. Why didn't the UK MoD think of doing that?

    The original Swingfire was in service with more than one Middle Eastern state, so perhaps this weapon was chosen because there are people who know how to use it?

    Using one of these successfully takes a bit of understanding and skill, so one has to evaluate the weapon's effectiveness in relation to the skills available in the unit deploying it. I don't think the Saudis would have provided this sort of thing, if they weren't confident that at least a few of the militia receiving them knew how.

    A few of these in skilled hands might be very effective. Certainly it would be better than just lobbing rocket-propelled explosive dustbins over the rooftops more or less at random.

  2. Bit late for them SAA now have control of yabroad major blow to rebels

  3. try using liquid hydrogen for explosive, but the weakness is need high power to decompose water using electrolysis and need high pressure proof tanks for stockpilling., you will see white color flames too