Wednesday 2 April 2014

Evidence Of New Models Of Volcano Rockets

Several weeks ago, I posted an image taken by Syrian forces near the opposition controlled town of Zara showing a twin barrel Volcano rocket launcher

What was interesting about this image is it appeared the Volcano rocket loaded into the launcher had a slightly different design from Volcano rockets seen in the past year.  The tail fins appear to be swept back, and absent the usual tail ring, but due to the quality of the image it was not possible to be 100% certain.

Now, a new video from the town of Maliha shows the remains of what appears to be the same type of rocket

There appears to be three similarities between the tails fins show in the above video, and the tail fins from Volcano rockets used in other attacks

1 - The tail fins are welded into slots.
2 - The tail fins extend beyond the end of the rocket.
3 - A small screw hole is visible near the base of the rocket at the same position on both rockets.

Having studied a large number of images of rocket and missile tail fins in my months of research of Volcano rockets, in my opinion it seems fairly certain that this new video shows the first close up of the new type of Volcano rocket, confirming that the earlier picture did show the new design being deployed.

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