Thursday 22 May 2014

Three Chemical Barrel Bomb Attacks Reported On The Day The UNSC's Vote On Referring Syria To The ICC Is Vetoed

Today, as Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to refer the Syrian government to the International Criminal Court, there's been more reports of chemical barrel bomb attacks on towns in Syria.  Following a reported attack on Kafr Zita on May 19th (videos here), Kafr Zita was reportedly attacked this morning and this evening, along with Al Tamanah, scene of three earlier attacks.  Videos of the Kafr Zita attacks can be seen here and here, and the Al Tamanah attack here.

The videos show what have become now familiar scenes in Syria of choking victims being treated in medical centers, but one video stood out from the rest.

It appears in this video yellowish-green chlorine gas may be visible, the first time footage has been shot on the ground showing the gas shortly after impact.

To me, it's difficult not to see three chemical attacks on the same day an attempt to refer the Syria to the ICC is vetoed as the Syrian government thumbing its nose at the international communities' attempts to hold it to account.  Given the flaccid reaction to chemical barrel bomb attacks it seems future attacks of this type are more than likely.


  1. may be since ww2 there was not such vidios ,,,,

  2. The UNSC must be allowed to unilaterally submit such blatant evidence to the ICC. The suppliers of such weapons should not be allowed to veto such submissions!

  3. That is green chlorine gas alright. Look how heavy it is and how it hugs the ground. That is why it got the unprotected troops in the WW I trenches.

    1. And look how there not a trace of mist around it as in every other video of Chlorine leaks. It must be so pure it's driven all the water vapor away.

      Or it could just be a fake using a green smoke grenade.

    2. This smoke really looks like the one used by Fire Departement officers or independent certifying bodies technicians to verify smoke exhaust systems . Looks like a M-18 smoke that was generated in a remote chamber so it is less dense .