Sunday 1 June 2014

Evidence Of A Possible Failed Chlorine Barrel Bomb Attack Two Months Before The First Reported Attacks

During a recent review of the many Syria related photographs I've downloaded from a variety of sources, I came across the following photographs from Muzeireeb, Daraa, posted to Facebook on February 11th 2014


A quick search through the Muzeireeb YouTube channel came up with this video showing the same bomb

It's unclear if the locals took a closer look at the remains of the unexploded bomb, and they may have (sensibly) decided to leave the huge unexploded bomb alone.  It's described as the remains of an unexploded barrel bomb, nothing too unusual in Syria, but there's something about this example that makes it very interesting.

Still from video
The front of the bomb has two slots cut into the side, and a metal bar with two long bolts running through it.  This is a very unusual feature which also appears in some of the chlorine barrel bombs used since April 11th

Bomb dropped on Kafr Zita on April 18th
The assumption is the bar was to hold the end of the cylinder away from the ground, so it would have enough room to release the gas contained in the cylinder on impact, with the slots on the side allowing the gas to escape.  If that's the case, then it seems likely the example from Muzeireeb was also a chemical barrel bomb, used two months before the first attack in Kafr Zita on April 11th, and hundreds of miles away in Daraa.  It begs the question whether other reported chemical attacks since (and even before) February were chemical barrel bombs, and how long these have been in use by the Syrian air force.


  1. usully the failed bombs are re-used ,,, but if this was not re-used ,,, maybe cuz they did not find any thing inside it ,,, i mean tnt or so ,,

  2. A couple new 122mm Volcano (upgraded) videos. Looks like they have made some improvements. I'm not sure where to post these so I put them here.

    Video 1;
    Key times;
    1. 1:04 to1:15 = 122mm Volcano (looks like an HE warhead) in shipping container with a real good look at the nose fairing, warhead, rocket motor housing, markings, color, etc.
    2. 1:22 to 1:27 = Good view of rocket motor nozzle and new fins.
    3. 2:04 to 2:10 + 2:26 to 2:31 = Good view of Volcano launches, rocket motor burn time, rocket motor burn signature (smoke/flame, etc) and rocket trajectories.

    Video 2; Looks like an HE warhead but this version doesn't appear to have a rear port on the base of the warhead.

  3. Here we go another theory without actual evidence.

    Remember the claim of chlorine ,seems the country making most noise about this and this blogger ,they seem now to be backtracking.

    France says Syria chlorine gas samples may be inconclusive

    "Given that ... chlorine which is widely used for civilian purposes is very volatile, the results of the analysis may not necessarily prove to be conclusive, (and) will need to be complemented with other information," Nadal said.

    Really they shouted about it for months saying they had proof now they are not so sure, another false flag averted.