Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Deputy Commander Of The FSA Comes To Syria

Two rather interesting videos have been posted apparently from Jisr ash-Shugur, Idlib showing a couple of very interesting things.  Both videos are part of the same sequence, beginning with a familiar battalion formation video, one of seemingly hundreds posted online by FSA groups across Syria

He identifies himself as Captain Alaa al-Din Qaybouni, leader of "the Free Men of Kharbat al-Joz Battalion of the Free Syrian Army" (translated by Syrian_Scenes).  What's interesting about this first video is the RPG round loaded into the RPG launcher on the right.  It appears to be a PG-7VR warhead, which could easily penetrate the armour on the majority of Assad's tanks.  From an armaments perspective that's pretty interesting, but the next video is extremely interesting

This video claims to show Colonel Ahmed Hijazi visiting troops in Idlib.  Who is Colonel Ahemd Hijazi?  Well according to the Institute for the Study of War report Syria's Armed Opposition he's the Deputy Commander of the Free Syrian Army, and is based in Turkey.  You can view his defection video here.

The question is, what is he doing in Idlib?  Has the FSA command decide to send one of their most senior members into Syria, across the Turkish border, to inspect troops?  Did he bring those PG-7VRs with him?  And how did he get across the border undetected?

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  1. Are you aware son of Gen Shahabi recently returned to Syria ?

  2. With one other. At the time I thought - shades of Abdul Fatah Younis Al-Obeidi in Libya ???