Tuesday 26 June 2012

Former Syrian National Council Chairman Burhan Ghalioun Visits Syria From Turkey

Following on from the Free Syrian Army's deputy commander visit to Syria it appears another senior opposition has traveled from Turkey to visit opposition members in Syria near Sarmada.  This time it's the turn of Burhan Ghalioun, former chairman of the Syrian National Council and current member of the executive committee, pictured below

This first video shows him as he arrives in Syria after cross the Turkish-Syrian video, with his visit being described as a brief visit to opposition members in border towns to listen to their concerns:

This next video shows him meeting opposition members in Syria

A third video shows him leaving after meeting opposition members

A number of photographs are also being posted on the Facebook page of the local opposition, including this picture of him with the FSA

It's quite telling that the SNC and FSA senior figures have started to visit Syria, and seem to be confident enough to take the risk of traveling the border, and no doubt we can expect more visits in the future.

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