Tuesday 16 October 2012

New Cluster Bomb Videos October 16th Plus Bonus FABs

[Videos for October 15th]

Five new videos today, the first from Rastan, Homs, showing children showing off the AO-1 Sch cluster bomblets to the camera

This video from East Bweyda, Homs, shows a cluster bomb canister and AO-1 Sch cluster bomblets that are held up to the camera, showing the factory marking 56 47 74, the third number being the year of manufacture.  As with many of these bomblets they appears to have been manufactured in the 1970s and early 1980s

This video from Isqat, Idlib, shows a cluster bomb canister marked with RBK 250-275 and the bomblet type AO-1 Sch

Next we have two videos showing larger PTAB cluster bomblets, first from Hamouriyah, Damascus

And this video of a cluster bomb with PTAB bomblets from Al Bab, Aleppo, that appears to have crashed into a building without scattering the bomblets first

Thanks to @sherbalkis and @hlk01.

One other change in the air war I'd like to briefly highlight is the appearance of FABs.  You may have read about OFAB high explosive fragmentation bombs on my blog, which are very similar, the main difference being the design of the shell, with the OFAB's shell causing greater fragmentation compared to the FAB.  Here's a few examples spotted in recent weeks (thanks to Bjørn H Jespersen of the excellent .processing blog for help with this)

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