Wednesday 17 October 2012

New Cluster Bomb Videos October 17th

[Videos for October 16th]

To start with here's two pictures demonstrating extremely irresponsible behaviour with unexploded cluster bomblets, both showing AO1-Sch bomblets being held by children

On the opposite end of the UXO handling spectrum we have this video from al-Qusayr, Homs, showing PTAB 2.5m bomblets buried in the ground marked with circles of rocks as a warning to others, an effect unfortunately ruined by the handling of one of the bomblets at the end of the video

In Armanaz, Idlib, we have a series of videos, first two showing holes left by detonating bomblets, then one showing unexploded bomblets lodged in the ground, and finally one showing the tail end of a canister

In Maarrat al-Numan, Idlib, we have this photo of AO1-Sch bomblets, including the markings "55 107 77", which if I believe shows the factory it was manufactured in, the batch, and the year of manufacture, which is an interesting consideration when looking at these bomblets

Also from the same area we have 3 PTAB 2.5m cluster bomblets

In Ketian, Idlib, we have this canister tail

And we also have these two videos from unspecified locations in Idlib, one showing a tail section, another a bomblet lodged in the ground

In Taftanaz, Idlib, we have a unexploded AO1-Sch collection including one with the markings "55 78 74", and a photo gallery of the same bomblets, including one with the markings "55 107 77", seen on the bomblet in Maarrat al-Numan, Idlib

In Douma we have a cluster bomb canister and a clearly marked PTAB 2.5m bomblet

In Babbila, Damascus, the tail section of a canister

East Bweyda, Homs has this English subtitiled video with a collection of canister and bomblets, including some with the markings "55 47 74"

Finally this video from an unknown location

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