Friday 15 February 2013

First Sightings Of Foreign MANPADS In Syria

Thanks to Bjørn H Jespersen ‏and Mads Dahl ‏who have highlighted two videos that show the first appearance of foreign MANPADS in Syria

There's been various claims of US made MANPADS being sent to Syria, but what we have here closely matches the Chinese made FN-6 MANPADS, or variant, shown below (source)

Unusually it appears the nearest country to Syria that uses this weapon is Sudan, with Malaysia, Cambodia, Peru, and Pakistan being other users.  Not only is this the first foreign MANPADS recording in the conflict, but it really seems to have no business being anywhere near Syria, leaving some big questions with regards to it's source.

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  1. An FN-6 was just used to shoot down a Syrian Hip.

    Video below.

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