Tuesday 26 February 2013

More Background On Croatian Weapons In Syria

Some more information for those of you interested in the recent New York Times piece of Croatian weapons being sent to the Syrian opposition by Saudi Arabia.

Myself and others made a number of earlier reports on the subject, before it was clear who was providing the weapons, with my first post on the subject back in January 16th followed by two more updates as I discovered more information

From February James Miller and Scott Lucas of EA Worldview also produced a number of posts on the subject

Michael Weiss examined the appearance of these weapons on February 20th with "Who just started arming Syria rebels?".

As part of my research into the weapons in questions I've put together a number of Youtube playlists with all the videos I've come across showing these weapons in the hands of the opposition:

It appears Croatian weapons aren't the only recently sighted foreign weapons in Syria, with Chinese MANPADS (surface to air missiles), and French rockets appearing on the field in recent weeks.

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  1. If these weapons are coming from Croatia, as people keep saying, why do the M79 munitions bear markings in Cyrilic that point to Serbian manufacturer Balkan Novatech and probably to a Serbian intended user?

    1. In Croatia, the official name of the OSA is RL90 M95.

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