Saturday 19 May 2012

Visualised Connections Between Operation Russia and Others Involved With Hackgate

Something Awful forum member Firing Cirrus has been working on a visual representation of links between individuals, groups, and investigations described in my earlier post on Operation Russia, which relates to a large number of figures, past and present, involved with the wider Hackgate Scandal.

In the below chart individuals are marked in red, groups and organisations in green, police operations in blue, and government reports in yellow.  Firing Cirrus explains how to read the chart:
This graph, unlike the previous ones is directional. By that, I mean that a tie between two nodes tells us information about the nodes, beyond just being connected. For example, John Yates links to Operation Russia and Operation Russia links to Ray Adams. By this, I'm aiming to indicate that John Yates is the investigator and Ray Adams is the investigated. There are other directional arrows such as employment etc. On top of this there are dotted lines indicating an alleged connection between people.
 You can read the full story on Operation Russia here.

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    Brown take a look at this on Samantha Cameron.


    Story still supressed in Australia, Murdoch media ran a Sam the Scam Campaign...smacks of McCann campaign taking donations from the gullible...Whistleblower got some stick from Murdoch bottom of the article.