Wednesday 25 July 2012

After Buying Followers Menshn Buys Some Tweets

Following reports by Political Scrapbook that the Conservative MP and founder of social networking website Menshn, Louise Mensch, had suddenly been followed by thousands of fake accounts it now appears Menshn has been purchasing Tweets from dozens, if not hundreds, of Twitter bots to promote Menshn.  For example, here's a small list of mentions of Menshn from a small time frame
Now if you have a quick look at what these accounts and others have been Tweeting you'll see the same articles have recently been Tweeted, with result like this

And so on through dozens of accounts, the same articles Tweeted by all of them, clearly indicating that Menshn has purchased Tweets to promote the site.  Between this and Louise Mensch's recent addition of thousands of followers it does seem that she's getting a little desperate in her attempts to promote her latest project, not surprising after all the teething problems its had.

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