Monday 30 July 2012

More High Level Defections Predicted In Syria

Activist THE_47th, who accurately predicted Manaf Tlass' defection from the Syrian regime has been making a series of Tweets about future defections
Exclusive: as I tweeted b4, Parliamnt Member Anas Al Shami is in Cairo now waiting for all his family members to leave 2 announce defection.

In lesser important news, Ana's Al Shami's brother, big Aleppo Sheikh Suhaib Shami, has arrived in Beirut also 2 announce his defection.

But the bomb news of the night is as follows: talks are now finalizing with top Syrian Gov official, expected within a week, the biggest 1.

This one official that I expect 2 defect within one week, holds a TOP position, is willing to defect, but waiting to get out. Cant say name.

I will have the exclusive on that person once he is out of Syria. This will be the ultimate slap on Assad's face. The biggest in 17 months.

This major defection will hinder how the Assad Gov works, and will shake the entire regime to its core. It is big, trust me.

Again, this major defection should be finalized this week, but it all depends in the exit. It won't be easy, very key position.

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  1. Quick, start placing your bets on who the "major defector" is gonna be.

    *puts in $10 on some military bigwig*

  2. I am horrified that this blogger is relaying sensitive information of this kind -- possible defections by people and their families who are still in Syria and obviously open to suspicion and surveillance in this secret services-dominated state. Why would you want to jeopardize their defections and even their lives? Grossly reprehensible for tweeps and bloggers to try to attract followers/readers in this cheap-shot fashion. Potential defections should remain secret until all parties are know to be abroad. Even fairly sensationalist media, to their credit, have not touched this information, which has been on the grapevine for some time but not posted in writing anywhere until the above tweets on twitter.

    1. I was assured by the original source of this information that everyone involved was safe and wouldn't be effected by the release of this information.

    2. Noorjabal was also right. A lot of family were depending on it.
      An exclusive is not worth th e witchhunts.

  3. The French were making noises about Assad's inner circle's cash. So apparently a choice between loyalty to Assad and the family money. The story in Paris was a few billion dollars.