Sunday 13 January 2013

DIY Barrel Bombs (ADIEDs) Filmed In Storage At Taftanaz Air Base

As I wrote earlier this week footage has been emerging from the recently overrun Air Base near Taftanaz, and footage has now been posted that appears to show the DIY barrel bombs (ADIEDs) that have been dropped across Syria

In total there appears to be 10 ADIEDs (Air delivered improvised explosive devices), which appear to be of a similar style to some of the ADIEDs shown in videos on my Youtube ADIED playlist, for example

It also appears one of the Hip helicopters has had a trolley installed, presumably to make it easier to push the ADIEDs out of the helicopter

So with this find we now have evidence of ADIEDs in Syrian air bases, evidence of them being dropped, and plenty of UXO evidence.  All that's needed now is footage of them actually being built for their entire life-cycle to be on record. 

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