Saturday 2 February 2013

Syrian State TV Provides Evidence Of Anti-Aircraft Vehicles Destroyed In The Israeli Airstrike

Following Israel's reported air strike on Syria several theories and version of events have emerged from a variety of sources, with Syrian State TV showing the damage at the site they claimed was attacked near Damascus

At the end of the video we see a group of destroyed vehicles, shown in the pictures below

These appear to be the remains of at least three 9K33 Osa/SA-8 Gecko surface-to-air missile systems, with three distinct wheel arches, and the distinct radar area visible in the second picture.  Here's a picture of an undamaged system for comparison

One element that is missing are the missiles from the rear of the vehicle.  These come supplied in the launching tubes, and can be attached individually to the back of the vehicle.  

So what we have is three unarmed surface-to-air missile systems parked next to what the Syrian military has called a "military research centre".  We then have to ask why they were parked there?  It seems by the way they are parked and their lack of missiles they weren't their for defensive purposes, so that remains an open question.


  1. The open question is: What Israel has to do inside Syria?
    Now, when Syria says research center. What do you understand for research center? Can be any kind of research center. Any military depot could be research center. Any military lab can be research center. As far as the world is concerned right now, Syria still a sovereign country. Israel has no business inside nobody's back yard.
    That is the question everyone should be asking?

  2. It might be added that SA-8s make somewhat more sense than SA-17s in Hizbullah hands, since they can scoot-shoot-scoot from and back to cover (like a large building or warehouse) fairly quickly, something you can't do with a SA-17 battery. They would be especially potent if equipped with the later 9M33M3 missiles, which expands the engagement envelope substantially.

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