Friday 1 March 2013

Video Shows Non-FSA Jihadists Ahrar al-Sham Using Croatian Weapons

Earlier this week the New York Times published their investigation into the new weapons appearing in Syria, which we now know to have been purchased by Saudi Arabia from Croatia and smuggled into Syria from Jordan.  The New York Times wrote:
The weapons’ distribution has been principally to armed groups viewed as nationalist and secular, and appears to have been intended to bypass the jihadist groups whose roles in the war have alarmed Western and regional powers.
For months regional and Western capitals have held back on arming the rebels, in part out of fear that the weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists. But officials said the decision to send in more weapons is aimed at another fear in the West about the role of jihadist groups in the opposition. Such groups have been seen as better equipped than many nationalist fighters and potentially more influential.
The below video posted by the jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham, a collection of various smaller groups based in the north of Syria, mainly around Idlib, Aleppo, and Hama, and not part of the Free Syrian Army, demonstrates that the Croatian weapons being provided to the Free Syrian Army have now begun to reach the hands of jihadists

We see examples of two of the Croatia weapons provided by Saudi Arabia, first the RBG-6 40mm grenade launcher

Then the M79 Osa rocket launcher, and M79 rocket pods

As David Enders writes for McClatchy Newspapers, Ahrar al-Sham's on-going co-operation with the Free Syrian Army has resulted in weapons supposedly intended for "armed groups viewed as nationalist and secular" reaching jihadists such as Ahrar al-Sham, with Enders reporting a spokesman for Ahrar al Sham, Ali Ankir, stating that "of course they share their weapons with us, we fight together."

This demonstrates one of the major problems when providing weapons to armed groups in Syria, no matter what controls are putting into place when supplying the weapons, once the weapons arrive in Syria it's next to impossible to control who the weapons go to.

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  1. Even If I was best of friends with my crazy nutbar battle buddies, I would keep two or three for every one, I shared.
    Sometimes you gotta say "I love you" to get laid but only a fool would hand over his back account number.
    AL Nusra ant eh other extremists are not fools, I pity the fool secularist that doesn't keep that in mind.
    It's probably not all black or white - the secularists, no matter what they proclaim know there's going to be a dust up sooner at the end of it.
    Weapon hoarding has been reported ongoing since the beginning.

  2. you use youtube vids to prove your theory that jihadist get smuggling croatian arms ! i don't know your motive or why you are just observing FSA day and night? are you pro Israel ? whatever, look at this video,Assad's army is our first arm provider

  3. There is a good solution to the proliferation of advanced weapons and missiles. Build a clock and decryptor in the guidance or operating chip of the weapon/missile which requires the operator to contact his handler to get a new activation code every few weeks or few months.

    If the code is not renewed, the weapon fails to operate.

    So if it is suspected that the operator is transferring the weapon, then the new code will not be given out and the weapon or missile will become useless after a while.

  4. Well documented Brown Moses I apologize for the earlier statements on you, by the way if you want the link to that tracking shipment company website let me know.

    But again the Croatian or the dealer in question the last shipment was made on Feb 14, just a month after Croatia recognized the opposition.

    As i stated in my article there is a connection.