Thursday 4 July 2013

A Piece Of Political Satire From The Syrian Opposition

Over a year ago one of the first posts I made on this blog was Syrian Activists - Laughing In The Face of Danger, a look at some of the humourous and satirical videos being produced by the Syrian opposition.  Since then various videos have been produced, in particular on one channel from Talbiseh, Homs, and I thought I'd highlight one recent example which gives an insight into the political landscape in Syria

Thanks to Wrennic_26 who put together a translation of the video:

[Military uniformed man in back of pickup truck yelling]
"We've got seats! Seats in the Alliance, chairs in the Parliament, in local government, in the provincial council!"

[Group of other men pile around the car, asking about the chairs]

Military man: Oh, peace be upon you.
Mob: And also with you. Seats! What do you have?
Military man: By god, we have seats in the Alliance, in the Parliament, in local government, and the provincial council.
Mob: How much are the seats?
Military man: Well, this seat [Alliance] is 2,000 lira, this one [Parliament] is 1,250, this one [local government] is 1,750, and this one [provincial council] is 250.
Mob: But what, how much did you pay for these seats? The prices for these seats are high.
Military man: Eh, well, we paid for this this seat [Alliance]... about 100,000 martyrs. And this Parliament one, we paid 50,000 martyrs, and this one was about... 50,000 martyrs. And this one 1,500 martyrs.
Mob: Oh!! Well... what about for all of them then!!
Military man: Wh... wh.. for the Alliance one brother?

[Chaos ensues as the mob all grabs chairs and runs off, firing weapons etc.]

[Suit charges in, waving bag of bread -- offers to provide bread for seats; mob member demands weapons instead]

[Bread suit wins over, they reluctantly return seats to the truck]

[An argument then ensues between the mob offering the military man weapons for seats, and the suit, offering bread for seats]

[The military man objects that he paid in blood for the seats, so he cannot give them away lightly; some mob members offer to pay in martyrs for seats]

Military man, suit, and mob member turn to the camera at 2:14, and plead with the people outside of Syria not to waste their efforts by trading in seats, and trading away their freedom.

You can contact the author on Twitter @brown_moses or by email at


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  2. Anything on the Russian report regarding the home made sarin rocket?

  3. Why have the pace of posts slowed down so much after the successful fundraiser?

    1. I've been attending various blog related events and getting involved with some more complex investigations, including a big piece on CW.

  4. Thank you for replying. Look forward to the complex pieces.