Sunday 8 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 8th 2012

Thanks to @ArabSpringFF and @YallaIr7al for providing some of these videos:

Unknown date - Leaked video of Assad forces beating a prisoner

February 29th 2012 - Leaked video of Assad forces tying a corpse to the front of an APC and chanting "We are forever shabiha", Babr Amr, Homs

April 3rd 2012 - Omar al-Tillaway takes us on a tour of Homs, English subtitles

April 6th 2012 - Women and children begging for help Al Hoole, Homs

April 6th 2012 - Corpses which have laid in the streets of Bab Houds, Homs, for weeks, unable to be recovered because of snipers, English subtitles

April 6th 2012 - How to recover the injured and dead while avoiding snipers, Homs

April 7th 2012 - Graphic - Massacre in Homs, Deir Ba'albeh, now with English subtitles

April 7th 2012 - Interview with the sole survivor of massacre in the Kasaarah area of Homs

April 7th - IED attack on a T-72 tank in Khan Shaikoun, Idlib

April 7th 2012 - FSA attacking a T-72 tank shelling the Qarabis neighourhood in Homs

April 7th 2012 - Attempt to destroy a tank in Homs

April 8th 2012 - A destroyed tank and BMP, as well as a dead Assad soldiers, Homs

April 8th 2012 - The destruction of Qalaat al-Madiq, English subtitles

April 8th 2012 - Activist Khalid Abu Saleh speaks of the united movement, aka Zero Hour, English subtitles

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