Sunday 15 April 2012

The Week in Hackgate 09/04/12 to 15/04/12

With a two week break at the Leveson Inquiry it seemed that this week could have been a quiet week for all things Hackgate. It was reported that David Cameron would be appearing at the Leveson Inquiry after Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, which gave us something to look forward to, but all in all it seemed like it would be a quiet news.

Fortuantly Guido Fawkes decided to leak a selection of evidence from the Operation Motorman inquiry, covering 1028 News International entries, one of which included Rebekah Brooks requesting an illegal job. The Hacked Off campaign responded by putting out a statement expressing the view that the Operation Motorman files should be released, while the ICO reacted by expressing their displeasure and summoning Guido Fawkes to an interview over the matter.

More leaks occured when a number of ICQ logs belonging to NDS employed hacker Lee Gibling were released, which showed that not only was he helping NDS with the running of the hacker site THOIC, but also working with another company, AIM, who was in turn employed by MindPort, part of NDS competitor Irdeto. Later on in the week a little birdie told me there's more leaks to come, but for now we'll just have to enjoy what we have.

One Thursday the IPCC told the Met Police they'd been a bit naughty when dealing with Neil Wallis, but nothing serious enough to take any real action, and Mark Lewis announced three alleged victims of phone hacking in the US would begin legal proceedings in America, with later reports also claiming a second lawyer was considering legal action in America. In more good news for the legal profession the author of the NightJack blog exposed by the Times filed legal action against the newspaper.

After all that News International still has the joys of the long awaited Common's Select Committee report on phone hacking being released in the near future, maybe even this week, with the delays being put down to MPs being unsure if James Murdoch was either ignorant and stupid, or a liar and unfit to run a company.

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