Tuesday 10 April 2012

Lee Gibling's ICQ Logs Hacked

In the last few hours I've become aware of a number of ICQ logs being posted online which appear to be conversations between Lee Gibling, the hacker at the heart of the recent NDS hacking scandal and individuals who worked with or for NDS, plus other individuals.  The list includes:
Barry Watters of AIM
Martin Gallagher over multiple identities including Ken Frazer/Khan Ghoper covering the period he worked for NDS, Irdeto, and Mindport.
Len Withall - Former senior Surrey Police officer and NDS head of Operation Security
Avigail Gutman - NDS head of security issues in Asia and Australia

There's a number of interesting aspects to the NDS-Lee Gibling story, something these ICQ logs might shed light on, for example asking why Lee Gibling appears to be talking to Martin Altham at a time he was working for Irdeto, when Avigail Gutman has been accused of using David Cottle to hack Irdeto.

While it's hard to know if these are genuine I've tried to compare the logs against the leaked emails of Ray Adams, and found examples of what was discussed coming up in the emails.  For example, from Avigail Gutman's ICQ log:
4291479 (17.03.2000 06:47:22) : btw - if I right-click your name on icq and choose "info" I get your local ip

do you get one on me? we should cancel that option.... no?

4291479 (17.03.2000 06:47:31) : i have been onto dn all night

4291479 (17.03.2000 06:47:50) : which girl....?

4291479 (17.03.2000 06:48:07) : i am on a fixed ip so it doesn't matter to me - anyone can find me on the net

4291479 (17.03.2000 06:48:14) : aha...

The above IP address turns up in a number of Ray Adams' emails, including this one
Received: from THOIC-9PV5TQ8MK [] by thoic.com
(SMTPD32-5.05) id A51AB905021C; Wed, 24 Nov 1999 13:16:10 +0000
So, if you want to look through the ICQ logs you can download them here, although do be aware they may only open in Firefox. 

You can contact the author on Twitter @brown_moses or by email at brownmoses@gmail.com

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