Saturday 21 April 2012

Lee Gibling Answers Some Questions About THOIC and NDS

Recently Lee Gibling has been in contact with me, and offered to fill in some of the gaps in the earlier investigation of his ICQ logs and Ray Adams' emails.  As I posted earlier, they showed that Lee Gibling worked for a company called AIM who were working on behalf of NDS competitor MindPort/Irdeto at the same time as he was working for NDS on the THOIC website project, and Lee offered to filled in some of the details that were missed.  First he talked about the Panorama programme Murdoch's TV Pirates:
Panorama touched on very little; air time is expensive and litigation from unsubstantiated talk can be dangeous.

I placed a lot of trust in Panorama and this was not displaced. All they went with was 100% but yes, a lot of questions remain unanswered.

Some people say that this is a decade old and it is old hat but if you think the mobile hacking is big business then be prepared to see the hat blown off of News Corp

On Digital was only the one company featured in Panorama that through NDS design I brought to their knees, but under their instruction and that includes on-digital we took on anything we wanted which included the whole UK cable industry.

Many thousands of jobs were lost indirectly as a result of actions made from NDS UK what was called Operational Security at Ray Adams headquarters in Maidenhead and it needs to be brought to account.

My respects go to Milly Dowler family.
He added there was much more filmed for the Panorama programme
The Panorama interview was a single "take" with Vivian. Yes, they condensed the programme to 30 minutes but the interview at one location went well over 2-1/2 hours and covered much that the Producers did not have time to consider as part of the programme. Will there be a Part II aired?  Maybe.
 Then he went on to provide more information about the AIM/MindPort/Irdeto situation:
To set some records straight - afterall many of you have invested much energy into piecing the jigsaw together, Andy Coulthurst is NOT a hacker but a full employee/technician at NDS UK. The other AC that is mentioned in email/ICQ is Andrew Curle who was at the time head of operations at Mindport/Irdeto.

I can also reveal as this is in the public domain albeit not surfaced (surprisingly) that Barry Watters was employed by Sky as a consultant and enjoyed office space at Sky.

Yes, he was seconded to Mindport on a very lucrative retainer, however, I do not believe that Sky knew this. Martin Gallagher of course knew I worked for Ray Adams, as did Barry Watters. I did communicate directly with Andrew Curle and was retained by AIM all of which was known and engineered by Ray Adams. Did NDS Israel (the top chain) know of this arrangement?  Of course they did. It's important to outline that NDS UK operational security had their budget contributions from Sky and Israel plus contributions were made to it by Ray Adam's opposite number in the Pacific Region and Asia which would be Avigail Gutman. Hence the reporting line involved many people although ultimately the buck and call was with Reuven Hasak in Israel. 
And explained how he came into contact with Ray Adams in the first place
Contact was made with Ray Adams via an Agent (employee) meeting at my home in Essex at the time. Thereafter, the same week i was introduced to Ray Adams at his offices in Maidenhead. Bit like visiting Father Christmas at Harrods .
He also gave more information on the subscriptions for THOIC that were discussed in the emails
There was NEVER any monies taken on THOiC - that would have detracted from the whole BDS ethos of using the community as a medium to either attract talented members and/or a complete audience when used to farm out information or media.

Yes, a handful of closed areas where in operation all of which were under control and instruction by NDS personnel who used pseudonyms during their online time on the forum. 
 He went on to pose this question
Why would such a significant operational security department (at great cost) be needed for the UK/Europe regions when the Sky [digital] card itself was not at risk of being compromised?
He also explained the situation with new accusations:
While I was in the UK last week or so I was introduced to Ian Gallagher of the Mail on Sunday. The introduction was made via Max Clifford. We were all set to reveal so much (far more than the Panorama programme), information that I believe will set the record straight once and for all.

The content would have been explosive however, the Mail on Sunday decided they could not follow through. I am not sure ANY newspaper under the current regime would have the balls to print. 
He also mentioned Hairymonster/FR15K
I do know that after all this time, (and I do not take kindly to blanket dismissals from Israel), that Hairy Monster holds some important collaborational evidence that between us working together can deliver a rock solid testimonial to the Leveson Enquiry.

At this present time, my solicitor (Mark Lewis) has not been contacted in respect of tribunal requests. 
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  1. So the turncoat is grassing on NDS now they stopped paying him it seems.

    While i applaud the blog writer for taking the fight to Media corp/NDS etc just all please remember that Lee is just as guilty and in no way should he be allowed to get away with it either. Way i see it is if NDS get done for this then so should Lee as he is just as guilty, if not more so.