Wednesday 18 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 18th 2012

Thanks to @false_dawn and @ahmed for some of these videos.

I'd also like to note that regular contributor ArabSpringFF/HamaEcho, based in Syria, has been absent from Twitter for 3 days, so if anyone has any news from him I'd appreciate it.

Unknown location and date - GRAPHIC - Leaked: Assad Soldiers Defiling Syrian Corpses, English subtitles

April 14th 2012 - Assad security forces smashing chairs, tents and cars after funeral in Aleppo

April 14th 2012 - Footage of the above funeral before Assad security forces arrived, Aleppo

April 17th 2012 - GRAPHIC - Young girl Rama Akram Saada was shot dead by a sniper, Douma

April 18th 2012 - Funeral procession of 9-year-old girl Rama Saada in Douma

April 17th 2012 - UN observers visiting Deraa with a large security presence

April 18th 2012 - GRAPHIC - A wounded and dead boy, reportedly shot in Jobar, Damascus

April 18th 2012 - Protesters in Arbeen, Damascus, chanting anti-Assad slogans and sticking an anti-government poster to a UN vehicle

April 18th 2012 - UN observers being mobbed anti-government demonstrators in Arbeen, Damascus

April 18th 2012 - Gunfire during a visit by the UN observers to the Damascus suburb of Arbeen

April 18th 2012 - Shelling of Khaldiyeh, Homs

April 18th 2012 - Armoured vehicles entering Aleppo

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