Monday 16 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 16th 2012

Thanks to @YallaIr7al and @tweets4peace for some of these videos. It's worth watching this BBC report from Ian Pannell, who is currently inside Syria with the FSA in Idlib.

April 15th 2012 - Graphic - Body of the six year old Basil Yousaf al-Najjar, killed in Douma, allegedly shot by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad, English subtitles

April 15th 2012 - Graphic - 10 month old Yousaf al-Najjar struggles to breath after allegedly being shot by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad, an incident in which his brother Basil Yousaf al-Najjar was killed, English subtitles

April 16th 2012 - Tank firing inside Jouret Shiyah, Homs

April 16th 2012 - Khaled Bin Walid mosque in Homs being hit by gunfire

Arpil 16th 2012 - Dust cloud from a large explosion in Homs

April 16th 2012 - More buildings being hit by artillery in Homs

April 16th 2012 - Massive explosion filmed in Beyadha, Homs

April 16th 2012 - Anti-Assad protests in Inshaat, Homs

April 16th 2012 - Protest rally in Kafrroumeh, Idlib

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