Tuesday 17 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 17th 2012

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April 16th 2012 - Al Arabiya - 65 killed from one family in Taftanaz, Syria, English Subtitles

April 16th 2012 - Syrian families forced to store their dead in a meat locker, Khalidiyyeh, Homs, English Subtitles

April 17th 2012 - Bodies discovered in a well near Idlib, English Subtitles

April 17th 2012 - Assad military on top of a school in Sabeel, Hama

April 17th 2012 - Sniper on a rooftop, Hama

April 17th 2012 - Rockets landing in Khalidiyyeh, Homs

April 17th 2012 - 14 missile land in 4 minutes in Homs

April 17th 2012 - Anti-regime protests in Houla, Homs

April 17th 2012 - FSA battalion formation video, Rastan

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