Friday 6 April 2012

More on Ray Adams and His Control of THOIC

Following on from my earlier post about Ray Adams and the hacking group THOIC Something Awful forum member Nation has come up with yet another very interesting email where Ray Adams discusses THOIC

RFC Headers:

From: Gutman, Avigail
To: Adams, Ray
Date: 12/9/1999 2:47:06 AM
Subject: RE:
Ray -- I agree that we need to get exclusivity with him.

I would like to speak to Reuven, to increase my budget for next year so as to include part of his maintenance. What do you think?

I know Len is trying to help Lee manage his time better. One of the things I think Lee needs is a periodical "bigger picture" view, which will enable him to shift his focus according to our changing priorities... I would be happy to sit with him on some of these - if and when you think that would be appropriate.

Another thing that perhaps Andy can help him with is "automation" of certain routines he goes through. I don't know if he is open to this or not - but with the long-term relationship view in mind - this could save on time and resources....



-----Original Message-----
From: Adams, Ray
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 5:17 PM
To: Gutman, Avigail
Subject: RE:

No need to phone. I handled it. I said that English is not your
first language and that you are also under tremendous pressure with a
heavy workload and no one to assist you. I told him to consider
himself as your assistant.

We need to speak soon about making Lee totally and exclusively ours
and the budget that is needed. This month he cost me £5,000 out of
my budget for his retainer and a new computer and a 21" monitor.
This is very high but it gives an indication of the type of costs we
can run into. TEL is paying him something like £1,500 a month. We
will need to get the TEL part from somewhere else to bring him fully
in- house. I have thought of making him an NDS employee and thereby
subject to an NDA.

Anyway I would appreciate your thoughts. Also think of this.
Until now he has developed THOIC in design and content on his own with
nudges from me. We need to look critically at what THOIC is and dose
and see if it needs to change.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gutman, Avigail
Sent: 08 December 1999 15:04
To: Adams, Ray
Subject: RE:

Ray -- I'm sorry, written words are sometimes heard harsher than they
are said...

I was actually using the term jokingly, and the emphasis was on "is
everything alright" with HIM.

He IS a valuable resource and I tell him this every time we speak on
the phone and in emails, too. I don't say it for his ego - I say it
because I really think it.

Should I phone him on this - I don't want him to worry or to be
offended... I'll do whatever you suggest.



-----Original Message-----
From: Adams, Ray
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 4:41 PM
To: Gutman, Avigail


You are not and never, or will, be blacklisted. Why do you use such
strong words.

THOIC is now of significant importance to us. I am preparing a Mk 2
site in case THPOIC is ever exposed. However, I think you will agree
that THOIC is a wonderful tool to have. I keep impressing on Lee
that he must not take any risk and expose the site. Add to that his
jumpiness when he sees something that makes it look like the finger of
suspicion is pointing to him. Even MM said openly to him that he
suspected that his E Mail had been accessed.

Lee has no background or experience as a field investigator. He does
not have the ability to evaluate or judge. To him everything that is
said is true and of equal value. It is pointless trying to pass on
the skills and judgement to him - it would take too long. So my
constant message is that of caution.

He does not know you. He has not met you. He can only judge by the
written word. You have challenged him in the past but that is water
under the bridge. So please do not even suggest that there is
anything being witheld from you.

Now. It is clear from your message to him that you have other
sources. He will now be looking for clues as to who they are.
This is an ego problem. He means you know harm, but, you have
questioned his trust of you and want him to be open - and now you tell
him you have other sources and are keeping things from him. This
will wind him up. It is not necessary to let him know these things.
Always come to me with such issues.

Relax., You have complete access to a valuable resource.

If you want to look through some of Ray Adams selected emails you can still download them at the Austrlian Financial Review website, no doubt there's plenty more from where the above came from.

You can contact the author on Twitter @brown_moses or by email at

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