Tuesday 9 April 2013

Questions Of Authenticity Over The Al-Bhouti Assassination Video

Last night I posted about this video claiming to show the assassination of Dr. Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti

Since then, a couple of people have highlighted claims that the video was faked, the first claim being based of this image:

This attempts to suggest that the video is fake because the chair cannot be seen on the assassination video.  If we look at this earlier video of Al-Bhouti sat in the same position we can see it matches what's shown in the assassination video

Now let's take a look at the assassination video before and after the explosion, in particular the area circled in red

Here we can see that what would have been covering the chair before the explosion appears to be missing in the second photograph.  Rather than evidence of the video being fake the original claim actually provides more evidence than points to the video being genuine.

Another claim, based off the original picture of alleged fakery and the following photograph, is there's two mic stands, while only one is visible in the video

These are photographs that were published on the SANA website, which also provides other photographs that help clear this up.  Here we have a side view of the mic stand, which clearly shows the mic taped on top of the stand with white tape, which from certain angles gives the appearance of their being two microphones

So again, this seems to be more confirmation that the video of genuine.  To me, it seems very hard to escape the fact that this video is the real deal, so the question remains, what does this actually show us about the attack?

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  1. Yes the video is clearly genuine, perhaps the bomb was placed in that stand where the chair is. It clearly blows off the front that covers the chair. Which is seen before explosion, and disappears after.

    Also he is bleeding from his head, so the explosion and subsequent shock wave may have caused head damage and eventual death of Al Bouti.

    Remarkably the other people doesn't seem hurt in the video, unlike in carnage videos posted by regime.

  2. That video is genuine, he died due to injuries obtained. They (FSA) trying to portray that he's not killed in the explosion but someone shot him after the explosion by agents of the regime. Someone spreading lies and blame it to Assad. All has been clarified by the son of the Sheikh here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVlCqE-eVfs

  3. @richard de castro
    this video say nothing about the assassin
    thought how do you expect anything else to be said on State TV?
    and why should his son knows the truth if the victim did not?
    an anti-regime palestinan journalist said that although the regime is capable of anything (after all they killed thousand of civilians)
    this assassination would not benefit them much (although I disagree on that)
    he suspected a 3rd party to be behind this and thats open to questions (maybe to start a shia/sunni war)

  4. we may never know the truth like many past assassinations
    but Al Bouti had brought this on himself
    he got himself involved in a sectarian religious scabies before the revolts
    and when the protests were peaceful he said the protesters didn't ever pray in their life (which would imply they are apostates/traitors and amount to incitations for murder)
    I would better spend my tears on the children who died then on this old geezer who made things worse

  5. The Bouti was used by the regime to the ultimate point where he actually declared "Jihad" on the Mujahideen with Assad being the Ameer. At that moment he was much more benefitial for the regime being dead by a regime orchestrated Alqaeda explosion than alive.

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  7. That's horrible. They should have inspected the area before they let the Doctor in. I thought he died in the explosion but reading the comments he died because he was shot. I think their main plan is to kill the doctor with the explosion but the doctor didn’t die so they shot him.
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