Thursday 8 August 2013

Collected Chemical Weapon Posts

I've had a few people ask me to link to a number of different chemical weapon related posts I've made, so I've decided to link them all in this post for convenience.

Interviews with chemical weapons specialists
A Chemical Weapon Specialist's Thoughts On The UN Visit To Syria
Three Chemical Weapon Specialist Answer Questions About Chemical Weapons In Syria
Chemical Weapon Specialists Talk Sarin, Saraqeb, and Khan Al-Assal - Part 1
Chemical Weapon Specialists Talk Sarin, Saraqeb, and Khan Al-Assal - Part 2

Damascus August 21st Attack
Are These The Munitions Used In Today's Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack?
More Videos Emerge Of Chemical Attack Linked Mystery Munitions
Claims Of Opposition DIY Weapons Used In This Week's Alleged Chemical Attack
Finding The Exact Location Of An Alleged Chemical Munition, And What It Could Mean
Were The UN Inspectors Examining A Chemical Weapon In Medmah Al Sham?

The White Grenades
Links Between Alleged Chemical Attacks In Saraqeb, Idlib, and Sheikh Maghsoud, Aleppo
Jabhat Al-Nusra Photographed With "Chemical Weapons"
Devices Linked To Alleged Chemical Weapon Attacks Captured By The Syrian Opposition
More On The Gas Grenades Linked To Chemical Weapon Attacks In Syria
The Hunt For Chemical Weapon Attack Linked Gas Grenades In Syria

Video Of An Unknown Object Reportedly Dropped From A Helicopter During The Alleged Chemical Attack In Saraqeb, Idlib
Was The Attack In Saraqeb Chemical Weapons, Or Something Else?

Comments On The Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria
A Great Example Of How Not To Write About Chemical Weapons And Arms In Syria
DIY Weapon Linked To Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack in Adra, Damascus
Video Claims To Show A Chemical Bomb Dropped On Al-Bab
This Is Not A Chemical Weapon


  1. The Saraqeb story telling :

    This is a picture of a man victim of the sarin attack on Saraqeb on April 29th. He appears on the "Saraqeb Martyrs" Facebook page. And the "sarin" news came from that page :

    Problem : he also appeared dead 7 days before on April the 22nd on the same Facebook page with no mention of a chemical attack but a regular artillery attack.

    Who can believe the story with that kind of evidence and witnesses.

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