Thursday 22 August 2013

More Videos Emerge Of Chemical Attack Linked Mystery Munitions

Yesterday, I wrote about a munition which local activist groups in Damascus claimed was linked with the alleged chemical attack that took place in Adra.

As I mentioned in the article, a number of these have been recorded before in the conflict, two of which were linked with alleged chemical attacks, and now footage has been posted online, filmed in Adra, that shows the same munitions again

What's interesting about these is the description in the video claims they aren't linked with the latest attack in Adra, but an earlier alleged chemical attack on August 5th, where another one of these munitions was filmed (warning, graphic images)

None of the remains of these munitions featured in the above three videos match each other, nor do they match the remains of munitions in other videos and photographs.  It's also interesting to note that one of the video shows a unidentified black substances splattered on the munition, which was seen in photographs and videos of other examples of these munitions.

The question still remains of what these could be?  In all cases these are munitions that the opposition has claimed the government has used, even before they were linked to chemical attacks, and they don't match any known munition used elsewhere in the world.  What their payload is, and how they are launched remains a mystery, but there's more and more images of these in relation to chemical attacks, and it seems they might be key to understanding some of the alleged chemical attacks in Syria.

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  1. Thanks for following this, and what luck this is what they're blaming. Actually they say a number of methods were used, and I suspect so. Rockets, mortars, these. Probably not jets.

    Wish I had anything much to add on the technical aspects. Obviously, it looks like a made-up rebel rocket, and I wonder why that was chosen. I've tried locating the Irbin alleged impact site. No luck yet, just too many possible matches.

    But hey, what's up with Jobar? And why are some of the gas victims also apparently shot in the head? Why do we never get to see the crime scenes, where the people fell? They just appear at the hospital out of a fog of video silence. It's said they had stuffed themselves into basements with burning tires, and that's part of why so many died. Hmmm...

  2. On the Adra video, why were a dog, a cat, and a goat just hanging around on that corner when the missile hit? I imagine the people are supposed to have been cleared out, but the poor dog. Someone's cut his ear off, and he's still alive, ignored, trying to get up. That was hard to watch, harder yet sensing it was all set up by sick people.

  3. I just heard from Petri that you and friends already found the spot. Had a look and I agree on the location. Not 100% but very uncanny, so close to 100.% And Jobar is a bit west of north from there...


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