Thursday 10 May 2012

Andy Coulson and his Conservative Party Severance Pay

I just had this sent to me by one of my readers:
I noticed something suspiciously evasive in Andy Coulson’s evidence to Leveson.
In his written witness statement p13, he says
When I entered government my [£440k+] contract with the Conservative Party was terminated and I was paid a lump sum.
 In his oral evidence pp 76-77, he was asked:
Q. Okay. You go to Downing Street in May 2010. I've been asked to put to you this question, Mr Coulson: your salary was cut to £140,000 a year, wasn't it?
A. Yes.
Q. Did you explore whether it was possible for private donors to top up your salary?
A. No.
Q. I think it's implicit in that answer that your salary was not topped up by private donors?
A. Not by private donors, no.
As I say in my statement, there was a notice payment paid to me as part of my Conservative contract.
So, did Coulson's lump sump severance from his £440k+ Conservative Party job compensate him for his £140k+ No 10 government contract salary? If so, how was it funded? If not private donors, general party income? corporate donors?
Something to think about, and speaking of Coulson's evidence the Sturdyblog has also picked up on something that's worth a read.

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    Looks like BROOKS did the same MO with Gordon Brown as Cameron. I always thought it was a Goverment cover-up now I realize I have been barking up the wrong tree.


    Good morning Brown ,I hope you had a good week-end.

    Brooks and Clarence Mitchell have worked together to publish fabricated stories and hoax sightings , looks like one of the 'hoaxers' is maybe getting a little nervous.

    Enjoy your day.


    Blair, Murdoch, Vatican links.They all appear to be members of SMOM.

    Malta, also leads us straight back to Madeleine McCann, I need to find the link. Bizarre!

  4. Murdoch to be stripped of Papal Knighthood if found guilty.Is that why Blair tried to put a brake on the hacking inquiry ?


    Murdoch to be stripped of Papal Knighthood if found guilty.