Monday 14 May 2012

More Syrian Propaganda - Fake Al-Qaeda Members

This video has been posted online, showing a young man dressed in a black uniform with a al-Qaeda flag armband

In the video he explains he was a member of the Republican Guard in the Syrian Army, displaying his ID, and was given the uniform to wear.  Images of him wearing the uniform were then used in the Syrian media, including this article where he's meeting UN inspectors, described as "Armed takfiris with UN inspectors".
He goes on to say he doesn't know how many people were given this uniform, and he's now defected. Update - Small correction on the translation :
"UN inspectors with Armed men" the title says, the takfiris bit is unrelated apparently, the very top title is about "Takfiris take over of a church, evicting the community out of one of the villages", the other says "UN inspectors with armed men", the article goes on to say "The UN only blames one side, while ignoring elements of Al Qaeda "Jihad" entering Syria and murdering its people". 
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