Wednesday 23 May 2012

Possible Links Between News Corp And The Police Corruption Arrests

While digging through various company records a reader of the blog came across some interesting possible links between News Corp and Keith Hunter, one of the police officers arrested over recent claims of police corruption.
During James Murdoch’s November 2011 appearance at the Culture, Media and Sports Committee Tom Watson asked James Murdoch if he was aware of the activities of 3 private investigators that included Alex Leighton.  James Murdoch said he was unaware of the detectives, but was happy to come back to Tom Watson with details, although it seems unclear if he ever did.
Now Alex Leighton used to work for a security company called Mayfayre Security Services Ltd, working as Company Director from 24 August 1996 onwards.
According to records the same company also employed a Keith Hunter as Managing Director from 21 February 1995 to 1 January 1996, which turns out to be the same Keith Hunter arrested today in relation to the police corruption scandal.
So the question has to be asked, why did Tom Watson ask James Murdoch about his knowledge of a man that appears to possibly link News Corp to police corruption claims?
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