Wednesday 9 May 2012

Hundreds of Lee Gibling's ICQ Logs Leaked

Following on from the earlier release of Lee Giblings ICQ logs from the time he was working for Mindport and NDS I've now received the complete selection of ICQ logs from that period, taken from his hard drive. 

You can download the new ICQ logs here

Due to the way in which the files were stored in the ICQ folder on the hard drive they've been split into three seperate folders, so in many cases you have 3 copies of a slightly differing ICQ log for each person, so it's worth comparing all the logs for differences.

As identified in the earlier posts the following ICQ numbers belong to the following people:

Avigail Gutman of NDS - 4291479
Martin Gallagher of AIM - 9552119, 50640200, 56660445, 56660605, 63376893, 76873942
Barry Watters of AIM - 26354832
Len Withall of NDS - 61770995

It would be interesting to see if the times Lee Gibling was asked to do something by Ray Adams or Martin Gallagher corresponds with his activities with THOIC members.  Ray Adams emails were partly published by AFR, and all 14k can be found here.

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  1. Brown, would it help you to have info on Azna ?
    This is so much bigger than hacking a few phones as you have become to realize.

    Let me know and I will dig out the links that point in the direction Azna was behind Madrid bombings.(No conspiracy it is a Government documented fact that he removed ALL data before leaving office)

    You can reach me on Nanny25 or shall I send you a mail. ?


    More from Tony Bennett. I am concerned Brown I do not want to see another Daniel Morgan. Brooks and the MET !

  3. Thanks. Email is best, easier to work with.

  4. OK will do.

    More on McCann and News International..

    Kate wrote this BEFORE Panorama exposed pressure was placed on Cameron and of course we now know it was Brooks asking a favour from Cameron for the review.

    Brown, I had thrown in the towel but maybe I will hang in there a little bit longer.


    A couple of links on Aznar.


    London Bombings. A terrorist exercise running the same day ?