Saturday 14 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 13th and 14th 2012

Thanks to @HamaEcho, @YallaIr7al and @tweets4peace for some of these videos.

April 13th 2012 - Protest in Khaldiyah, Homs

April 13th 2012 - Large demonstration in Douma

April 13th 2012 - Shelling of Qarabees, Homs

April 13th 2012 - Shelling and gunfire among the destruction in Qarabees, Homs

April 13th 2012 - Massive Hama Protest - 'Revolution for all Syrians', English subtitles

April 14th 2012 - Demonstrator receiving a serious head injury after a funeral is fired on in Aleppo

April 14th 2012 - Another injured or dead demonstrator at the funeral fired on by Assad's security forces in Aleppo

April 14th 2012 - An injured demonstrator being carried away from the funeral in Aleppo

April 14th 2012 - Assad mortar and artillery positions allegedly firing at Homs today, more detail here

April 14th 2012 - Shilka tank firing in al-Qarabees, Homs

April 14th 2012 - Tank firing towards a cameraman in Jouret al-Shayyah, Homs

April 14th 2012 - Buildings burning today in Qusoor, Homs after shelling on the neighbourhood

April 14th 2012 - Buildings being fired on by what could be a shilka, Jouret Al-Shayyah, Homs

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