Monday 23 April 2012

Lee Gibling - Ray Adams Used THOIC to Strongarm Cable Companies Into Giving Up Their Operational Security

Following on from his earlier posts on THOIC and NDS Lee Gibling popped up on Something Awful and said the following:
Well at some point of time it is bound to surface so i would rather give the facts up right now.

if you recall, i posed a question to Brown Moses, somewhat tongue in cheek, "Why would Operational Security aka NDS UK require the resources of a top team of investigators and Agents plus many paid informants when their media they were solely charged with protecting was to be blunt as safe as the Bank of England in terms of piracy".

More salient was where this budget to fund the Mad Hatters Tea Party was going to come from in lieu of Israel controlling the purse strings.

With no activity on a day-to-day basis for the operational team sitting in Maidenhead cutbacks at every corner were looking likely ultimately misplacing the talent Ray in his team had built up over the course of his tenure as head of Operational Security.

Never to be outdone, Ray came up with a magical plan.

The cable companies with their Sky TV lineup were in respect of set-box security running autonomous outside of NDS operational security. NDS UK were protecting card piracy - cable boxes used no card.

Selective hacks and pirates for cable boxes were to be cultured and made available on THOiC and the resulting impact was then delivered by a series of visits to the Cable bosses.

Ultimately Ray won his battle to retain the use of UK Operational Security personnel to take over the battle against what was presented as "blanket piracy" in their industry. I know the words used in the meetings with the Cable bosses as Ray had me write the study paper on his behalf.

Before long, the department had secured full time jobs for both Len Withall and Chris Le Maitre, both whom enjoyed the spoils of "rounding up" the same pirates that had been lured to share their spoils via THOiC.

The budget secured!

Did Israel know - I do not think so but Ray had bosses so go figure.
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  1. Brown I am NANNY 25 on twitter.

    Look I am racking my brains who to go to, who can I trust. I need to tell my concerns to the police but they are not to be trusted.I cannot write to the media for the same reason. I do have friends in the Guardia Civil and the Portuguese police I may contact them but first I want to run this by you.

    No doubt you have seen the spin this week on the bloody McCanns and Met's Andy Redwood now claiming a 'stranger abduction.'.. Redwood is a very good friend of the McCanns as is his boss.

    Now my concerns are this, the McCanns want ex lawyer Tony Bennett in prison , my greatest fear once inside the corrupt MET will kill him and claim suicide.

    Brown I am not a conspiracy nut my concerns are genuine and I am afraid for this man.

    Here is a link for you to take a look at to give you the gist of whats going on...Bennett is an old man and you and I both know how many people have died while in police custody and how many times the police have claimed suicde!

    There is also another link I want you to take a look at, Brown whatever is going on here there is much more to it than a missing child.

    I will just fetch the link and then you tell me who I can speak to to at least advise someone if Tony dies in prison it will not have been a suicide.

    I have contacted Tom Watson but he has is own aganda and is not interest...I found that alarming, saving a mans life should take top priority.


    Ok here is the other link. MI5 and Kevin Halligen involved along with Brian Kennedy was has threatened witnesses in McCann case and are now too afraid to go to the police.

    I will look in later for some advice. I need to let people know what may happen to Tony if he goes to jail and that his death will not have been a suicide. I still believe News International are behind this.

    Thanks Brown :) x